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Dog in Cone

Be a Hero for Toothless


Toothless is a young male cat that came into care by accident. This lucky boy was in the right place at the right time and as soon as we saw his condition we knew we had to help him. Not much is known about his past but toothless was in extremely bad shape. He had multiple abscesses all over his boody that were so badly infected they required him to have surgery to drain. One of his ears has multiple lacerations and our vets presumed he was attacked by multiple animals from his various wounds. 

Toothless is currently in long term foster care for his psychical and mental rehabilitation. He's about to also get a dental to fix his broken teeth. At such a young age only 6-8 months we doubt this boy would have lasted much longer on the streets, he's so lucky he found his way into our rescue by chance. 

We're looking for a Hero to sponsor our little Toothless for just $20 a month you can help us with his ongoing care and vet bills. 

Our Team
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