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About CK Rescue

At CK Rescue we're passionate about animals and saving lives. Our philosophy is that all animal lives matter and we take great pride in saving the most desperate and vulnerable. We save everything from orphan kittens, animal abuse victims, injured as well as special needs cats & dogs. We take in cats & dogs from death row pounds across regional New South Wales and Queensland, bringing them to Victoria for a new lease on life.
CK Rescue is based in Melbourne, Victoria and we're a foster based rescue. We rely heavily on foster carers who open their hearts and homes so we're able to save lives. All of our animals in homes, receiving love, care and enrichment. Foster carers get them ready for their forever homes, helping them heal from the trauma. If you've ever thought about fostering a cat or dog in Melbourne we would love to hear from you. We cover the vet bills and our team provides ongoing support. It is so rewarding to save a life and see the transformation once broken souls flourish into the animals they should have been. The before and after photos speak for themselves, and our foster carers are the real hero’s.
While we're dedicated to saving the most vulnerable animals it does come at a cost. We rely heavily on donations that go straight towards the animals. Every cent donated is used for our ongoing medical bills, food and basic care essentials for our fur children. Many of the cats & dogs we take in are senior, injured or special needs and they come at a very high price. We are forever grateful to our supporters and sponsors who help us save lives and continue our mission.
Together we can make the world a better place for the animals.

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