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Be a Hero for Garfield


Our sweet boy Garfield has been through so much and so far he has cost our rescue over $8,000 and still counting. Garfield came in as a street cat with many issues, to start with he had a hole in his cornea needing an eye surgery removal at the start of his rescue journey. Garfield has spent weeks hospitalised as his body crashed and we were unable to work out what was wrong while our vets did everything they could to keep him alive. After weeks and months of testing it turns out Garfield has Immune-mediated hyermalisc anemia (IMHA). Basically, his body is attacking his own red blood cells and he became extremely weak and jaundiced.


To say we nearly lost Garfield is an understatement, but this boy is such a fighter and we're giving him every chance! Garfield is currently on a lifelong dose of Prednisolone which he was responding to but now his body has quit responding like we had hoped. Our last resort is a medication called Atopica which doesn't come with its own risks and side effects. Garfield won't be leaving CK Rescue and between the care of us and his foster carer Mel who is now his mum till the end, we're going to put up the biggest fight for him. Garfield is palliative, we don't know how long we have with him but we will make sure he's absolutely spoilt and gets the golden years he truly deserves.


Please consider a $20 a month sponsorship for Garfield it will help go towards his medications and keep this boy going, financially this has been so tough on our rescue but we owe him the life he didn't get as a neglected Stray cat, we want to see his golden years as long as possible full of love.

Our Team
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