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Dog in Cone

Be a Hero for Pierre


Meet Pierre, the lonely street cat who was living in someone’s backyard and scavenging for food. Pierre's life hasn’t been easy and we’re unsure if he was once someone’s pet that’s been given up on or if he’s spent his whole life on the street.

While not much is known about Pierre's past we have no doubt he's spent most of his life on the street because he has the battle wounds to prove it. We have a strong focus on helping older animals and those with special needs because it’s easy for them to slip through the system and they’re usually put in the “too hard” basket. Helping senior and special needs animals come at a cost, their vet bills are the highest, they take the longest to get adopted and require so many more resources, but their lives are worth it.



Pierre just had his dental done and you can see by the photos just how bad his teeth were and some of the worst our vet has ever seen. He's also had multiple blood tests because he's starting to have regular seizures in care. Sadly we don't know the cause but he's being closely monitored by his doting foster carer and our vets. For $20 a month you can sponsor Pierre and help us with his ongoing vet bills. He's the become the sweetest boy in care and just adores snuggles with his foster mum. We've gone above and beyond for him and will continue to do so but 

Please be a hero and consider Sponsoring this loveable street cat.

UPDATE: We are so sad to let you know that Pierre had a blood clot and sadly passed away at our vets. Forever in our hearts. 

Our Team
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